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Broadhill Pediatrics, Valley Health Centers, Sadler Research Laboratories, Springfield Pediatric Studies, Broyman Clinical Analysts, LLC., National Department of Health and Human Services, and Head-Lice elimination practitioners.

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The Internet can be a resource offering a great wealth of information or horrible misinformation. We are reaching toward a goal of accurately assessing the efficacy of head lice products. While we offer no guarantees, the products below are ranked by our medical specifications.

Current Top 10 Head Lice Effectivness Rankings as of March 1, 2015

#1 Head Lice Cure 99.9% Lice Help
#2 Head Lice Remedy 99.8% Head Lice Remedy
#3 Lice Doctor 84.3% Lice Doctor
#4 Fairy Tales 77.1% Fairy Tales Hair Care
#5 Hairfairies 65.1% Hairfairies
#6 NitMix 54.1% NitMix
#7 Lice Squad 48.1% Lice Squad
#8 Not Nice To Lice 47.2% Not Nice To Lice
#9 LiceRGone 36.1% LiceRGone
#10 Lice Enders 21.5% Licer Enders
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